A week in Hawaii went by pretty fast, leaving me with the urge to go back soon. Christmas was approaching and i had made a secret plan to surprise my parents that were visiting my sister in Chicago for the holidays and stop back off in Utah to see my cousins  since the train came through anyhow. But first i had a week or so to regroup and hang out with my uncle for a few days and work for him which helped out alot financially.  I had found a storage facility in San Jose, to store my truck in while i was in chicago. The day came and i parked, took an Uber, then a bus, then the Bart and waited for my old friend Ted to pick me up as i stayed at his house. Ted is super awesome, and has just opened a little bar called The Little Hill Lounge , so if you in the El Cerito area, drop in and say hi. The train ride was inadvertently vital to my photography project that this trip was centered upon in the aspect that i had lost Infrared photos on Missouri and had very few photos of Nevada. I also got to see real snow, a Chicago Christmas that my sister went all out for planning, and snowboarding for the second time ever thanks to my cousins.The three weeks went by fast. Before i got back to San Jose i received an email that my truck had been bestirred from its rest after confirming with a call to Public storage that i had been burgled. The main cost i had accrued was the passenger window. There was nothing of value taken except clothes. A few more days hanging out in San Jose and i return to my Mother Ocean.  This time i would spend a little more time on the coast. It was chilly at night and warm in the day. Morro bay was a cool area where i met up with my buddy Ray for a few days. From there i went south and finally got to experience the point breaks of Rincon  and C street in Ventura on big winter swells.


The crowds were a factor and i soon found myself frustrated with not catching enough of the pacific perfection. The swell tapered off and i went further south back to San Clemente, San Diego and then back to San Clemente where i camped out for a few weeks going back and for from Laguna beach, T street and Trestles. I finally got to skimboard west street which is known for its wedging shore break.


Winter was in full effect and the storms were sweeping across the country so i had a plan to follow behind a cold front to get the good clear weather it leaves. Leaving the coast i headed into the desert toward the Salton Sea.  The Salton sea is actually the largest lake in California and midway to Arizona. I stopped of at the Cabozon Dinosaur statues for some quick photos before heading to Slab City.

IMG_7788 copy

Finally I reached One of the last places that i wanted to visit in California, Joshua Tree. I had wanted to go to Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks but the snow had roads closed. I had been timing the weather already but I arrived in Joshua Tree during a storm and left to hang out in rest area till the next day. I had wanted to do Star Trail photos there when it cleared up and the forecast was looking good. After resting, having lunch and scouting a scene, i met a few people who were boldering (climbing bolders). I joined them and did well for my first time. As darkness fell so did the temperatures. I was about 200 photos in and had gotten into the second sleeping back when i fell asleep. I woke up after what had to be about 20 minutes, and felt cold on my face only to realize that it was snowing on my and the clouds have came. Oh well maybe next time. I packed up my gear and left, spending the night in a rest area a few hours away.

IMG_6515 copy

The next day I headed to Arizona. On the way i noticed that along the road ran a railroad track that was elevated and in the rock part i could see names and other graffiti written using rocks of darker colors, sticks and whatever else was found. It went on for many miles as is known as the Highway 62 rock graffiti. It ends at Vidal Junction when California becomes Arizona.

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