Over the last few weeks, cold fronts gave graced us with clear skies. I usually stick close to home and shoot south, southeast or southwest but i went scouting new areas that i new about and found a few north few vantage points. Almost in Holt, on the Munson Highway is the Florida Trail at Juniper Creek. Along it is the red cray cliffs formed by erosion. Its a short distance for a parking area, and pitch dark on a moonless night. I had another benefit of a new moon cycle so the growing moon was setting right after the sun. I set up on three different nights, all with different results. The common failure was dew. As the night grows colder, objects like glass and metal are often colder than the temps around them so they tend to gather condensation. The glass on my lens fogs and ruins the subsequent shots. I get 60 shots in sometimes more and after you feel the ground getting damp, its time to pack up. I turned to the internet and found the best solution was to wrap hand warmers around the lens. It works awesome. The last night was dew free. This gallery shows my progression to locking in a pair of shots that I am somewhat satisfied with.

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